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Contributors/Issue 10: The Symptom

Dale Bradley is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Communications, Popular Culture, and Film at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  His research interests include the discursive analysis of contemporary technoculture and the historical emergence of cybersociety. He can be reached at

Sudeep Dasgupta is Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. His current research and teaching interests include: aesthetics and migrant subjectivity, art history and contemporary visual analysis, and the relevance of postcolonial theory for media studies. He is editor of Constellations of the Transnational: Modernity, Culture, Critque (Rodopi, Amsterdam, 2006, forthcoming) and recent publications include: “Visual Culture and the Place of Modernity” in Internationalizing Cultural Studies, edited by Ackbar Abbas and John Erni, London, Blackwell, 2004; “Gods in the Marketplace: Refin(d)ing the Public under the Aura of the Religious” in Religion, Media and the Public Sphere, edited by Birgit Meyer and Annelies Moors, Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana University Press, 2006; and “Suspending the Body: Biopower and the Contradictions of Family Values in Les Terres Froides, in Shooting the Family: Transnational Media and Intercultural Values, edited by Wim Staat and Patricia Pisters, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2005. He can be reached at

Shane Herron is a PhD student in the Department of Comparative Literature at SUNY Buffalo. He is co-editor of issue #10 of the Department’s journal, theory@buffalo, on the theme of “Democracy and Violence.” He can be reached at

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