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Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau: The Desiring House

Jaleh Mansoor From 1919 until a night in early October 1937, when Allied bombing destroyed the Merzbau, Kurt Schwitters continuously composed and manipulated this assemblage. The project, variously categorized as an architectural undertaking,1 as “Schwitters’ most important collage project,”2 or as a performatively elaborated sculptural program,3 entailed the ceaseless manipulation of the artist’s Hanover studio. Stretching vertically and horizontally to […]

“Pictures Made of Wool”: The Gender of Labor at the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop (1919-23)

T’ai Smith In 1926, one year after the Bauhaus had moved to Dessau, the weaving workshop master Gunta Stölzl dismissed the earlier, Weimar period textiles, such as Hedwig Jungnik’s wall hanging from 1922 [Fig. 1], as mere “pictures made of wool.”1 In this description she differentiated the early weavings, from the later, “progressivist” textiles of the […]

The Temporality of the Public Sphere: Orpheus Descending’s Loop between Art and Culture

Margot Bouman Over the summer of 2000, the artist Paul Pfeiffer, with his collaborators John Letourneau and Lawrence Chua, videotaped a flock of chickens on a farm in upstate New York. Using three still cameras, they followed the birds’ lives twenty-four hours a day: beginning with incubated eggs purchased from a local supplier, through hatching […]