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Introduction / Issue 11: Curator and Context

Issue 11: Curator and Context (2007) Mara Gladstone A person discerns meaning, significance, or value from every aesthetic encounter, as each art object is presented to the world laden with ideas. Yet the contexts of experiencing art, by working within or against authorial intention, affect one’s impressions of it, perhaps producing incomplete or imperfect interpretations. […]

Artist-Curators and Art Historian-Curators at the Edge: How the ‘Modern West’ Revealed Boundaries of Curatorial Practice

Issue 11: Curator and Context Austen Barron Bailly This paper takes as it starting point two related projects: The Modern West: American Landscapes, 1890-1950 (October 2006-June 2007) and “Two Edges” (April 12, 2007).1 The Modern West was a major exhibition curated for Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) by Emily Ballew Neff, Curator, American Painting […]

Seeing Trans for the Trees: Rhizomatic Curatorial Frameworks and the Visualizing TRANS Exhibition

Issue 11: Curator and Context Amy L. Noell A bicycle does not often function with two flat tires and dismantled handlebars, but for myself and the seven co-curators of Visualizing TRANS, fifty bikes in this condition served as a meaningful introduction to our curatorial project of mapping trans movements and identities.1 Throughout this project, trans […]

Obsolescence and Exchange in Cedric Price’s Dispensable Museum

Issue 11: Curator and Context (Fall 2007) Lucia Vodanovic The work of the British architect Cedric Price appears to revolve around an unusual relationship between preservation and demolition. Insisting that architecture has to be contemporary in absolute terms, he destroys any traces that the past and its demands have left. Accordingly, most of his projects […]

Not Simply a Gathering: A Conversation with Sandra Kroupa, University of Washington Book Arts and Rare Books Curator

Issue 11: Curator and Context Alison Mandaville A story about erased genitals on William Blake’s sketches made my first encounter with Sandra Kroupa during a presentation on Blake’s work in 1998 especially memorable. Since then, I have found ways to incorporate the art of the book — and whenever possible, Sandra’s presentations — into my […]