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The Image Before Me

Peter Hobbs Part I: The Lacanian Mirror Machine This picture is simply what any picture is, a trap for the gaze. In any picture, it is precisely in seeking the gaze in each of its points that you will see it disappear.1 The subject is an apparatus. This apparatus is something lacunary. . . . […]

The Automatic Hand: Spiritualism, Psychoanalysis, and Surrealism

Rachel Leah Thompson “An Unseen Iron Grasp” In March 1848, in Hydesville, New York, the two young Fox sisters began to communicate with the spirits. They would later move with their family to Rochester where they would begin the occult communications with the deceased that originate the American Spiritualist movement.1 Initially, the spirits simply announced their […]

The Naked Truth or the Shadow of Doubt?: X-Rays and the Problematic of Transparency

Corey Keller Late into the evening of 8 November 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a physics professor at the University of Würzburg, made a discovery that would revolutionize science almost overnight. While conducting experiments with cathode rays in his laboratory, he remarked a peculiar glow with highly unusual properties emanating from a nearby fluorescent screen, the […]