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Introduction / Issue 9: Nature Loving

Issue 09: Nature Loving (Fall 2005) Lisa Uddin and Peter Hobbs In the opening sequences of Luc Jacquet’s recent film for National Geographic, March of The Penguins (2005), audiences are shown spectacular vistas of a barren Antarctic landscape. The ice-covered backgrounds are punctuated by tiny, black figures waddling across the horizon. The warm and knowing narration of […]

“Taking the SUV to a Place It’s Never Been Before”: SUV Ads and the Consumption of Nature

Issue 09: Nature Loving (Fall 2005) Melissa Aronczyk From Henry David Thoreau to John Muir to Aldo Leopold, seminal thinkers in the American environmental tradition cite wilderness as one of the distinguishing marks of American culture. The image of an unspoiled natural setting as a regenerative haven and a palliative to the stress of urban […]

“Take Only Photographs”: Animal Photography’s Construction of Nature Love

Issue 09: Nature Loving (2005) Matthew Brower Contemporary woodlore suggests that to properly respect nature we should “take only photographs and leave only footprints” when we enter the wilderness. This expression takes photography as a model of non-interventionist right practice and offers a vision of nature as a non-human space in which humans do not […]