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InVisible Culture’s COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the lives of the readers, contributors, and editors of InVisible Culture. As a graduate student-run journal, we are sympathetic to the impacts of these challenging times on our contributors. Writing, researching, and all other aspects of living our daily lives are being compromised and restructured in the face of these new pressures. We recognize that readers, contributors, and our board alike need to prioritize care for ourselves in other ways right now.

In the midst of this crisis, the editorial board of InVisible Culture has decided to amend our regular work practices. We believe that maintaining them would cause unnecessary pressure on our contributors and the editorial board during these difficulties. Given the precariousness of this moment, it would be unethical to expect the same workflow to carry on. Thus, while our forthcoming issues are still scheduled for release, IVC has postponed their launch dates. In this same vein, IVC will not be soliciting new material until further notice; however, we encourage all those who are interested in contributing to parts of the journal like Dialogues or Reviews to reach out to us. Artworks and written pieces about visual culture in relation to the pandemic are especially welcome. Our editorial board will do our best to work with artists and authors to publish accepted works in a timely manner.

We remain committed to seeing the contributions that we have already accepted through to publication. As we shift toward being more fluid in our editorial practices, it is our hope that the suspension of our regular schedule of operations will facilitate the well being of all those involved with the journal. Although we cannot predict the future of this pandemic or its implications, IVC intends to continuously reassess our timelines and the needs of our contributors as it unfolds.

The InVisible Culture Editorial Board: Alisa V. Prince, Xiao Ju, Julia Tulke, Clara Auclair, Kendall DeBoer, Peter Murphy, Byron Fong

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