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This Bridge Called Imagination: On Reading the Arab Image Foundation and Its Collection

Issue 12: The Archive of the Future / The Future of the Archive (Spring 2008) Dore Bowen Seeing that which had previously been invisible becomes an activity that renews the exoticism of territorial conquests of the past. But seeing that which is not really seen becomes an activity that exists for itself. This activity is not exotic […]

Historias Oficiales / Official Histories

Issue 12: The Archive of the Future / The Future of the Archive (Spring 2008) Carla Herrera-Prats Historias Oficiales—Official Stories Exhibited at la Celda Contemporanea, Mexico City, August–October 2006 Official Stories was originally an installation of archival material intended as an inquiry into the transformation of the Mexican government’s political investment in pre-Hispanic iconography and […]