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Introduction / Issue 20: Ecologies

Visual culture scholars have long asserted that things lead social lives, linking up and separating as they traverse networks. In particular, ideas about the flow of commodities across national, geographical, cultural, and linguistic borders have directed critical attention to how global networks connect previously isolated peoples and cultures.1 But as the interdisciplinary venture of visual […]

Contributors / Issue 20: Ecologies

W.C. Bamberger is the author, editor, and translator of more than a dozen books. In 2007 he edited Guy Davenport and James Laughlin: Selected Letters. His translations include Two Draft Essays from 1918 by Gershom Scholem. His fourth novel, A Light Like Ida Lupino, will be published in early 2014. He lives in Michigan. Andrew Bieler is a writer, researcher, arts-based educator, […]

Message in a Bottle: Contesting the Legibility/Illegibility of Ruins and Revival in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Beatrice Choi An ‘X’ marks the spot. [Fig. 1] In the wake of the storm, military personnel spray-painted each vacated house with this grim tally to account for the evacuation of New Orleans. Most inhabitants of the houses in more prosperous neighborhoods have opted to paint over this reminder, a few still bearing the ‘X’ as if to memorialize the survivors’ […]

The Lightest Distinction

Hans Vermy “The theatre,” says Baudelaire, “is a crystal chandelier.” If one were called upon to offer in comparison a symbol other than this artificial crystal-like object, brilliant, intricate, and circular, which refracts the light which plays around its center and holds us prisoners of its aureole, we might say of the cinema that it […]

EcoArtTech Interview: “Basecamp.exe”

EcoArtTech What does the term ‘ecologies’ mean to you and how is represented in Basecamp.exe? We see our creative work as a part of a performative response to cultural and theoretical conversations. Basecamp.exe, like much of our research, is highly influenced by but also building off of Félix Guattari’s Three Ecologies, in which “ecology” is […]

Eddee Daniel: Hard Ecology: Rethinking Nature in an Abstract Landscape

Eddee Daniel My work examines the intersection of humanity, nature and culture and how images serve to construct our understandings of nature. I am attracted to the contradictory realities I perceive in a world where nature is increasingly transformed, reduced and abstracted. The resilience of human culture is being tested on a global scale by […]


Issue 20: Ecologies (Spring 2014) Andrew Bieler FARM:shop. Something & Son. Curated and designed by Andrew Merritt, Paul Smyth and Sam Henderson. 20 Dalston Lane, East London, UK. October 2010 – Present. FARM:shop responds to urgent challenges of global food security by experimentally redesigning the vernacular architecture of an East London storefront to accommodate urban farming systems and […]

Systems We Have Loved

Issue 20: Ecologies (Spring 2014) Becky Bivens Eve Meltzer. Systems We Have Loved: Conceptual Art, Affect, and the Antihumanist Turn. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013. 246 Pages. Pretend we are driving together. You are at the wheel while I direct you from the passenger seat. “Turn,” I say. “Which way?” you might respond. The […]

Red Sky at Night

Issue 20: Ecologies (Spring 2014) Daniella E. Sanader Red Sky at Night, curated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan. Mercer Union, Toronto. 15 June 2012 to 29 July 2012. There is nothing like city air in the summer to remind one of how complex and heterogeneous our lived atmosphere truly is. Any inward breath can carry a […]