Issue 31, Special Issue
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Table of Contents / Issue 31: Black Studies Now and the Countercurrents of Hazel Carby

Joel Burges, Alisa V. Prince, and Jeffrey Allen Tucker, “Introduction: Black Studies Now and the Countercurrents of Hazel Carby

Hazel V. Carby, “Black Futurities: Shape-Shifting beyond the Limits of the Human

Alanna Prince and Alisa V. Prince, What’s Haunting Black Feminism?

Jerome Dent, “Athazagoraphilia: On the End(s) of Dreaming

Patrick Sullivan, “Get Down: Funk, Movement, and the End of the Great Migrations

On Hazel Carby: Three Meditations

Michelle Ann Stephens, “Attuned Within, Attuned Without: Hazel Carby and the Lessons of Leadership

Anne Anlin Cheng, “Susceptible Archives

Heather V. Vermeulen, “Studying with Hazel Carby

Black Studies Now

Kathryn A. Mariner, “On Needing Black Studies

Cilas Kemedjio, “Black Studies and the ‘Ideology of Relevance’

Matthew Omelsky, “Being and Becoming: The Grammar of Black Theory

Brianna Theobald, “Black Studies in Haudenosaunee Country

Darren Mueller, “Black Studies in the Digital Crawlspace

Will Bridges, “Extirpation Is Not an Option: An Esperantic Vision for a Future of Black Studies from the Other Side of the Pacific

In the Imperial Archives with Hazel Carby

Hazel V. Carby, “The National Archives

Pablo Miguel Sierra Silva, “Negros, aquí? Blacks, here?: Blackness in the Mexican Archive

Miranda Mims, “Archival-Futurism: Archives as Social Justice

Joel Burges, Jerome Dent, Alisa V. Prince, Patrick Sullivan, and Jeffrey Allen Tucker, “Knowing Yourself, Historically: An Interview with Hazel Carby

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