Current Issue, Issue 33
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Table of Contents / Issue 33: After Douglas Crimp

Peter Murphy, “Introduction: After Douglas Crimp”


Matthew Bowman, “The Haunting of Modernism Conceived Differently”

Theo Gordon, “Re-reading ‘Mourning and Militancy’ and its Sources in 2022”

Lutz Hieber and Gisela Theising, “Manhattan-Hanover Transfer”

Christian Whitworth, “Mourning, Militancy, and Mania in Patrick Staff’s The Foundation


Cindy Hwang and Hua Xi, “Thirty-Six Copies of the Mona Lisa”


Benjamin Haber and Daniel J Sander, “All the Gay People Will Disappear”

Xiao (Amanda) Ju, “Reading Douglas”

Peter Murphy, “Learning From Douglas: A Course Schedule”


Daly Arnett, Kendall DeBoer, Bridget Fleming, Peter Murphy, “After Douglas Crimp: Questionnaire”

Tara Najd Ahmadi

Tiffany E. Barber

Nicholas Baume

Peter Christensen

Amanda Jane Graham

Rachel Haidu

Kelly Long

Shota T. Ogawa

T’ai Smith

TT Takemoto

Gaëtan Thomas

Juliane Rebentisch

Ann Reynolds

Marc Siegel

Janet Wolff

Zheng Bo

Catherine Zuromskis

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