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Launching InVisible Culture Issue 19: “Blind Spots”

Detail of Figure 1 in Cooper.

InVisible Culture is pleased to announce the release of Issue 19, “Blind Spots.” As stated in the introduction, “Blind Spots” is “the inaugural offering of InVisible Culture‘s new editorial model, wherein theme-driven issues are ideated and produced collaboratively by an editorial board—a departure from the previous guest editor system. In the spirit of continued collaboration, we welcome you as readers of this particularly varied and rich issue of our journal, and enthusiastically invite your comments and feedback as a means of extending the frames of this conversation around visuality and its blind spots.”

Thank you–enjoy:

Issue 19: Blind Spots (Fall 2013)


InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to explorations of the material and political dimensions of cultural practices: the means by which cultural objects and communities are produced, the historical contexts in which they emerge, and the regimes of knowledge or modes of social interaction to which they contribute.

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